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999 N. Plaza Dr. Suite 115
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Category: Chiropractor
Phone #: 847.706.9600

Total Athleticare is a chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, and rehabilitation clinic. Our office has been serving the Schaumburg area for 13 years. When you come to Total Athleticare our chiropractors will discuss your health issues with you to develop an individualized treatment plan with your health goals in mind. From monthly maintenance care to injury rehabilitation, our chiropractors aim to help our patients live healthy and pain free lives.Dr. Barreyro is full body certified in Active Release Technique. Total Athleticare is the official team chiropractors for the Schaumburg Boomers, Chicago Bandits, Chicago Soul, and Chicago Mustangs.
Good tips for me:

Anyone experiencing any of the following:
• Neck Pain
• Back Pain
• Headaches
• Muscle Aches
• Shoulder Pain
• Knee Pain
• Car Accidents
• Worker’s Compensation

A Few Testimonials:

“I have played all over the world in 6 different countries and I have never treated better by anyone. Working with Dr. Barreyro on my recovery was a pleasure and I could not have asked for better care.
I would recommend Total Athleticare to anyone who is looking for great service and professional staff to help with small to major injuries!”
-Jay Lee Harris, Chicago Mustangs Soccer

“Dr. Barreyro is a miracle worker! I walk in there with a million things hurting, and when I walk out I feel good as new! Before I went to her, I almost forgot what it felt like to walk without feeling pain, but thanks to her, I am able to continue doing all the things I love free of pain.”
-Jessica Banks

“Thanks to my chiropractor and sponsor of 12+ years Total Athleticare. Oh how I love massages, electric stim, ultrasound, acupuncture and their amazing staff!!!”
-Nicole Moneer, IFBB Bikini PRO Athlete

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